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Get to Know Crystal S. Brown Davis
Owner: Crystal's World of Dance & Cheer

Since 2003, Crystal's World of Dance & Cheer has been a respected program in the dance community in Lakeland Florida and beyond. CWOD staff is made up of high-level, sought-after dancers and choreographers with years of experience in the industry. They have trained numerous dancers into confident, well-rounded performers that are prepared to conquer any stage or dance floor. 

Crystal S. Brown-Davis, Founder and Artistic Director of Crystal’s World of Dance, discovered dance at the early age of 7.  Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Crystal began studying dance under the direction of Kimberly Norrington at the age 11, and began teaching dance in 1993. Crystal is a graduate of Springfield College where she awarded a dance scholarship.


Crystal has always had the passion for working with people especially children. Inspired by her mentor Kimberley Norrington in 2003 when she relocated to Lakeland Florida she opened Crystal’s World of Dance. She saw that there was a need to give youth the opportunities to develop talent, confidence, and discipline, all the values that Kim’s Danceland gave her.

Crystal believes that dance is a fundamental component of our society and should be accessible to all communities. In 2005 Crystal closed her studio which was located at 819 North Lake Parker Ave, Lakeland, and began offering classes at Simpson Park Community Center. Crystal’s mission is to bring positive enlightenment to diverse audiences through offering a variety of dance classes and community performances, to strive for excellence in dance education, and to teach students a unique style

and approach to dance.

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